Kobaka Dojo

Japanese self-defense

                             Ju Jutsu/Self-Defense

   Here at Kobaka Dojo, we practice the traditional Japanese form of Hakko Denshin Ryu Ju Jutsu, Sensei Chris Kobak has achieved the rank of Shihan or fifth degree black belt in this art form.  Sensei Kobak was given the rank in Omiya, Japan by Soke (Founder) Michael J. LaMonica of the Eight Light Dojo in Akron, Ohio.

  Ju Jutsu is meant to be a defensive form and incorporates wrist locking techniques, leg sweeps, and acupressure.  Basic skills of falling, punching, kicking, and escaping are also taught.  This is a non-aggressive self- defense form that is beneficial for all ages and abilities. Students of this art form are not trained to attack, but are trained to defend themselves and others in case of an attack. Our main goal is to be gentle but effective when dealing with an attacker.